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Our New Parish Priest

Updated: Jul 11

Wonderful News for us all:-

On Sunday, 23 January it was announced that Father Duncan Gorwood, clerk in Holy Orders and currently serving as Assistant Curate at St John the Divine, Horninglow in the United Kingdom, has been invited by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland to become the next Parish Priest of All Saints' Wickham Terrace.

The process of discernment has taken several months and Father Duncan, Caroline, Ellie and Guy look forward to moving to Brisbane sometime in 2022 when visas are obtained.

Fr Duncan hails from Yorkshire in the UK and was raised in an Anglo catholic parish. He spent a career in the teaching profession before training for ordained ministry at Ripon College Cuddesdon in Oxford, though he originally trained as an opera singer and continues to enjoy music in many forms.

Fr Duncan is married to Caroline, a special school teacher, and they have 2 children. Ellie is 20 and is completing her undergraduate studies in Zoology at Liverpool. Guy is 16 and is a keen musician and rugby player.

In his spare time, Fr Duncan enjoys maintaining cars and motorcycles, watching rugby union and cooking.

Here is the letter Fr Duncan wrote to All Saints' Wickham Terrace

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Greetings from the town of Burton on Trent in the United Kingdom!

It was a great honour and privilege for me to be invited by Archbishop Phillip to become the next parish priest of All Saints. As you can imagine, there has been a lengthy process of discernment for the parish, the diocese and for me and my family. God willing, I am looking forward to meeting you all sometime in 2022 but I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and my family.

I was born in 1973 in a town called Beverley which is in East Yorkshire, a county in the north of England. I grew up in a village nearby and attended the local church with my family. From an early age I was interested in music and I was selected to become a chorister when I was 7. After my voice broke, I transferred to Beverley Minster and sang with the men whilst studying at the local grammar school. I also joined a local choral society and took singing lessons.

When I was 16, I was selected to sing in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and I experienced some of the most amazing music-making of my life there. I also visited Brisbane whilst touring in 1992 and even attended a service at All Saints!

Whilst I was at university studying music I considered the priesthood, but the church recommended that I get some “life experience” first. I left university and began trying to earn a living as a musician. I needed a second job to keep a regular income and a friend suggested I should drive coaches as I loved all things with engines. It seemed like a good idea and for a while I drove coaches in between jobs working as a musician.

One day, I was driving some profoundly disabled children to a special school in my coach. I found the experience of meeting and getting to know the children changed the direction of my life and I made the decision to return to university and train to become a teacher.

After I qualified, I took up my first post in a special school. I spent many wonderful years in special education, but more importantly I met Caroline, a teacher, who was good enough to marry me in 1999. We have 2 children; Ellie is 20 and in her final year at university. She is studying zoology and is likely to go and do a masters degree. She hopes to have a career based in a laboratory working in genetics. Guy is 16 and will sit external exams this summer. He is a keen musician and a rugby player; I can’t think who he takes after…

Outside of work I enjoy riding and maintaining motorcycles, messing with cars and watching rugby. Guy and I are season ticket holders at our local premiership team (Wasps) as well as being members of our community rugby club.

My faith has always centred around the catholic wing of the Church of England. I was immersed in the liturgy and music as a child and it has stuck! I love the beauty of holiness and still enjoy simply sitting in a neighbouring Anglo-catholic parish on my occasional Sundays off and being immersed in sacramental worship. Off course, I now have the greatest privilege of all, to preside at the altar of grace and lead the people of God in worship.

The call to serve in Australia is not one I was expecting and it has taken months to explore what it will mean for me and for us as a family. It is a remarkable opportunity, but it also involves huge sacrifices, particularly with regards to close family members who we will no longer be able to see on a regular basis (other than via Zoom, of course!) Please remember Caroline, Ellie, Guy and me in your prayers, and know that I am praying for you and for our future together.

With every blessing,

Father Duncan

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