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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On 8 September each year we celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Devotion to Mary began the moment the Church was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, from the moment of his conception Jesus and Mary have been inexorably and intrinsically linked. Mary was with Jesus throughout his life, in the hidden years, throughout his public ministry, at the foot of the cross and present on the day of Pentecost (when the Church was born.

We don't worship Mary for worship belongs to God alone, but we venerate and revere her and lift her up as the Mother of God. We praise God for her, our Mother in Faith, and on her birthday, give thanks to God for working so wonderfully and powerfully in her life.

'At the foot of the Cross she became our mother also, because Jesus said when He was dying that He gave His mother to John and John to His mother. At that moment, we became her children.' (St Teresa of Calcutta)

from Bible Alive, Thursday 8 September 2022

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