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COVID-19 News - Stage 2

Updated: 2 days ago

On 12 June Queensland is expected to enter Stage 2 of the easing of COVID-19 Restrictions. The current outline of Stage 2 provides for larger groups of people to gather and some restrictions to be lifted.

There is no expectation that parishes will immediately resume gathered worship. However, at All Saints' we are planning to reopen the church for private prayer and devotion. The Blessed Sacrament is once again in the tabernacle upon the High Altar for those who wish to honour and adore Him in His sacramental form.

In order to minimise hygiene requirements, most pews have been roped off with three at the back of the church and two at the front available for visitors. A hand sanitiser dispenser will be placed at the entry to the church for use by people coming in during the week. At first, the church will be open only on Wednesday and Friday between 8a.m. and noon. Similar to cafes, you will also be required to fill in the Attendance Register at the back of the church.

If any parishioner can ‘church sit’ on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, please inform Fr Bruce or one of the Churchwardens. The main duty will be to wipe down prayer desks at the shrines or the pews where people may sit or kneel to pray.


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