The Joy of Generosity

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Your donation will help to ensure the preservation of our historic buildings, traditions and heritage for future generations. Visitors and friends of All Saints Wickham Terrace can donate to our church via direct deposit, cheque and we will soon be introducing online payments.

We understand that from time to time, parishioners and friends may wish to make a gift to the parish for a particular purpose, or in memory of a loved one.  For example flowers for a service or even a longer term commitment.


Flowers are one of the ways that we can give thanks, remember or simply help beautify our Service of Worship on Sundays.  Do you want to remember a loved one who has died, give thanks for a birthday, celebrate an anniversary or any other important time or people in your life.  Why not do it with flowers?

Offerings for such flowers are now $500.00 for the whole Church or $180.00 for an arrangement before the Pulpit Crucifix.  It is necessary to make a floral booking and payment through the Parish Office via Email on the contact form below or telephone on 07 3236 3692.



All Saints Wickham Terrace is grateful for any bequest, whether they be large or small.  These bequests help to ensure that All Saints Wickham Terrace continues to provide a place where spiritual needs are met, where young and old alike still discover God’s love.  All Saints appreciate the gifts that we have received, and continue to receive, from parishioners and friends alike. These gifts have endowed the parish with a treasured material and financial patrimony.

If you wish to remember us in your will, please be aware that bequests of money, unless they are for a specifically stated purpose within a parish, flow to the diocese. In order to be certain that your bequest will be retained by the parish, please see the Suggested Wording of Bequests form when leaving a bequest.  To view the form click on the link below.

Gifts are most welcome and if you are interested in giving to the parish for any purpose we would like to invite you to discuss your ideas or wishes with the rector or one of the wardens.

Please contact the parish by completing the form below or by phoning on  07 3236 3692.